Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Daryl Chow + Lily Cheung


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Daryl and Lily,

I was at the Singaporean film festival and picked up yr flyer. I am a faculty member at UT and am looking for a caterer for a party - it is a private event (not a university function). I was wondering if I could get some info from you on prices.

It would be for April 22nd (my daughter's first birthday) for lunch (11-2pm) at a community centre. I was thinking that it would be easiest if it could be food that can be put out for people to help themselves rather than food that has to be served. I was thinking of perhaps just a few dishes - one fried rice, one bee hoon or Kuay Teow, a couple of starters that people can eat easily. Also, one dish for kids (like vege fried rice). People would be standing so dry food that is easy to eat with just a fork would be best.

We would likely have abt 60 people, and large quantities of a few dishes rather than many small dishes would be easiest.

Let me know what is possible and the options.


6:45 AM  

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